What have I done?

One of the standout moments on my journey towards paid employment was an anticlimactically-labelled ‘media summit’ held eleven months ago. During the event a  number of prominent and not-so-prominent figures in the industry haplessly entertained us with tales of how difficult it wasn’t to become a journalist thirty or so years ago.

Key messages conveyed over the previous two years, and again at the summit, included trying to gain experience in student media, the workplace, and to build a network of contacts. But, most important, was that I needed to “increase my online presence,” as if success necessitated climbing some sort of web-based spiritual ladder – but for unemployed students.

So I’m hoping this (as-of-now highly underdeveloped) blog will go some way towards achieving exactly that. It will probably serve as an extension of my CV. I’ll occasionally re-upload photographs, cartoons, and select sub-edited newspaper clippings in which I usually abide by proper grammar and sentence structure.

Most of the original content, on the other hand, will comprise satirical articles, political rants, television reviews, and whatever else I choose to splurge about – I don’t know – I haven’t properly thought about it yet.

But before I make this too self-indulgent I should probably say this webspace will, unfortunately, only realistically act as a means of greater self-indulgence, via which I’ll subject a small Twitter following to continued efforts to “sell myself”, as though I’m some sort of tradable commodity. Like a self-aware bitcoin.

Happy New Year!


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