Closeup of a lonely senior man lost in thought , looking awayA former white supremacist has been struggling to relate with his white peers of late; a problem he has been experiencing since he decided to relinquish his prejudicial views last October.

Mr Kyle Yardey, an East Anglian asparagus cultivator, decided to distance himself from his views after learning that his local pub would not serve a man of his particular ilk, though he insists categorically this is not the reason he made his transition.

Mr Yardey said: “Sure, the pace of change has been difficult. But it has been a breath of fresh air – like being in Morocco. In truth, I had gotten tired of sitting at home on a weekday morning shouting at the exotics on Channel 5, so I decided enough was enough.”

He added: “Things are going well. Now I have lots of black friends, and lots of Asian friends, and I can settle down with a pint of smooth, sweet, Guinness on a Tuesday evening.”

“But ever since my diversification I haven’t been spending as much time with my old white friends, and it has been of difficultly to make new ones. Not that this matters, of course.”