Gap YaConfusion has been cast upon summer plans for thousands of gap year hopefuls following the military coup in Thailand, in which the army took control from the Government this week.

A military spokesperson said: “The pen is mightier than the sword. But we have guns. And we had to retake control; we needed to do something to stop them.”

It is understood that the locals are overjoyed, despite being imposed upon, as this means the customary influx of overpriveliged teens and existential crisis-suffering university graduates has been curtailed for the foreseeable future.

One Thai doctor said: “The army – they killed my family, they enslaved my neighbours, and they stole my shih tzu. But at least I won’t have to put up with these stupid kids who come over, get shit dragon tattoos, and end up violently ill because they can’t handle their Mekhong.

But the scores of potential backpackers have been left disappointed by this news.

Charlie Scott, a Plymouth graduate, said: “Like, it’s just typical. Like, classic Thailand. They have to just go off and have this bloody forceful government handover with hundreds of social and political implications, just when I wanted to go over and get smashed off my tits.”

“Now I’ve got to go to bloody Cambodia.”

The state of affairs in Thailand is messy, with no end to martial rule in sight, or clarification on whether gap year kids will eventually be filtered in once the economy inevitably grinds to a halt.

Meanwhile, rumours have since emerged that the military plan on forming their own political party in order to engage with the nation’s governance.

But as one eagle-eyed resident noted: “Um. Well they don’t really need to do that now do they?”