beckham 2Days before the start of the 2014 World Cup, a male model has been issued with a lawsuit for bearing a striking resemblance to former England captain David Beckham.

The lawyers of Mr Beckham have allegedly taken issue with Sport Central, at the centre of the sport since 1996, to the use of a face belonging to a Mr Bert Grey which appears to be far too similar to that belong to their client.

They say the use of such a face belong to the male model may mislead customers into buying their particular product under the false impression it is also being used by the former right midfielder David Beckham.

beckham1Peckham-born Bert Grey, 27, began his modelling career at the age of 18, fresh out of Peckham Grange comprehensive. His first foray into the cut-throat field saw him front the exterior packaging for a local baked beans cultivator.

Time, however, soon saw Bert climb the industry ladder. As Heinzenberg Beans faced allegations of copyright infringement, Bert went on to spearhead the promotional campaign for a mid-sized wet wipes producer based in the Midlands.

After spending four years as the face of Wipe Out, Bert resigned from his post due to creative differences with the brand manager, and was snatched up by head hunters from big time football sock manufacturer for semi-professional footballers Sport Central, at the centre of the sport since 1996.

It is at Bert’s new home that he is facing such rancid allegations for the first time; accusations of looking too much like David Beckham. Unconfirmed reports have suggested that Mr Beckham’s lawyers have insisted that Mr Grey slightly alter his facial configuration via surgical procedures or otherwise in order to bear less of a resemblance to their client, if he is to continue with his fledging modelling career.

A former girlfriend of Mr Grey’s, who agreed to speak out anonymously, said: “I didn’t realise it really at first. I mean, I guess I only started going out with Bert because I thought his looked a bit like Davris Beckham. But I think I forgot about that really, after like a day. Until you just said it now. What’s this for?”

Mr Grey has been temporarily suspended from his role at Sport Central, at the centre of the sport since 1996, with pay, pending the outcome of the legal investigation.