tumblr_m3zr6fd5dk1qazkdco1_500Game of Thrones fans were left in a state of bitter outrage in the aftermath of this week’s hotly-anticipated episode as Danaerys Stomrborn of House Targarian once again did not de-clothe.

Barry from Doncaster said: “This is bloody disgraceful. In season one she were naked all the time. Even when she didn’t need to be she were naked. And it were great.”

“But now? Pah. Last week or whenever she done that cocky prick from Troy what killed the French bloke from Monty Python. And even then she weren’t naked. I mean, and then in the next scene you have loads of other girls who don’t really need to get naked at all – and yer like – that is just not fair.”

Actress Emilia Clarke’s fullyclothedness in yet another edition of the nudity-friendly HBO fantasy series has presented a real problem for fans of the show, particularly middle-aged failed TV personalities like Jonathan Ross and Jamie East, who have recently taken to weekly cringe-athon Thronecast to air their dissatisfaction with the series’ latest developments.

Another fan from Chiswick said he would “write to George J.K. Tolkien” to see the matter “once and for all resolved.”