ITV viewers complain of ‘having to sit through Adrian Chiles between adverts’

adrian chilesDisgruntled World Cup viewers have submitted thousands of complaints to ITV for its Adrian Chiles-heavy coverage of the summer tournament, it has emerged. 

A spokesperson for ITV confirmed the broadcasters have received 5,578 written complaints since the start of the competition; a figure exacerbated by Chiles & Co’s third-rate analysis of the opening ceremony and subsequent breakdown of Brazil’s strong display against group rivals Croatia.

Fans have not been best pleased with Chiles’ constant shuffling, over-anxiousness to play Armchair Referee, and his condescending breakfast show manner that he has adopted as if trying to audition for a spot on Good Morning Britain.

One viewer from Exeter wrote that him and his family are “offended” by the degree to which “Chiles both looks, and sounds, like a chubby grey-haired six-year-old,” while another complained of how the presenter was little more than “an overweight, unfunny Gary Lineker.”

Analysis of traffic to popular social media platform Twitter revealed that 36% of tweets sent during the opening match had mentions of ‘Adrian Chiles’, while 23% contained both the name of the former Daybreak presenter, and the term ‘wanker’.

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Ofcom released a statement shortly after hearing the news, confirming they are “alarmed” with ITV’s conduct, and that they will be “looking into the matter.”

The statement continued: “No warm-hearted football supporter should have to sit through the pain of an attempted Adrian Chiles metaphor, or his tendency to belittle former world cup stars who have funny accents.”

“It is our duty as the regulators of this industry, to ensure such reckless behaviour by one of the nation’s finest broadcaster does not go unpunished.”

Whispers overheard from conversations in the ITV corridors have indicated that Adrian Chiles’ employer may force him to watch reruns of Loose Women until he “learns his lesson”.

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Update: A Facebook page has sprouted demanding the sacking of Adrian Chiles. It has gathered over 37,800 likes at the time of writing. You can find it here.



6 thoughts on “ITV viewers complain of ‘having to sit through Adrian Chiles between adverts’

  1. Why oh why is Adrian Chiles employed by ITV for the world cup???. he has to be more outspoken than the panel he is trying to get comments for…… is so frustrating and I am at a loss as to why he is employed in the first place. There are so so many other much more talented presenters out there.He reminds me of Benny Hill………..although no disrespect to Benny rip!!!.Get rid of him once and for all…….paleese………………….
    Charles Argyll………..

  2. I can’t stand the ‘and er and er and er………. Does he not know what he is talking about?
    He is like a clock that needs winding up.

  3. Adrian Chiles must be the absolutely worst football host in living history. His constant umming & erring, is so annoying. How on Earth did he ever get a job doing this kind of important task????? He’s UGLY, UNFUNNY, can’t string several words together to form a reasonable sentence. Please get rid of this STUPID WEST BROM SUPPORTING IDIOT.
    He’s making all football hosts look brilliant which they are not. Also, why do football commentators all talk backwards? Is it a case of bad education or just plain Idiocy?

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