World Cup cameraman sacked for not finding enough pretty girls in crowd

Brazil v Croatia: Group A - 2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilA first-time cameraman working at the Brazil World Cup has been sacked by organisers, after failing to fill his ‘finding pretty girls in the onlooking crowd’ quota during Holland’s clash with Costa Rica.

Moments after super sub Tim Krul saved Micahel Umaña’s spot kick, cameraman Gustav Ledves was informed by bosses that he was to paid the penalty for spending too much broadcast the actual football match, instead of picking out hotties from the Arena Fonte Nova’s 51,179-strong crowd.

Moments after losing his job, he said: “I should have known, to be honest. I’d never have been sacked had I known the millions of football fans from across the world were only watching to check up on the potential swathes of moderately attractive women also watching the game.”

“I’ll need a little practice, of course. I’ll start small, maybe picking out women on the metro. But I promise to do my best, and hopefully one day return to broadcasting pictures of good-looking females live to homes across the world.”


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