jihadi johnSwept by the latest distraction consuming Britain, senior MI5 agent Robert Neil has embarrassed bosses after nominating Islamic State soldier ‘Jihadi John’ for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Mr Neil, 38, told reporters that the move was all part his master scheme to track down Britain’s most wanted terror suspect, and that it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he had consumed nine pints by the time he convinced his mate Barry to chuck a gallon of icy water over his head.

But he is being accused of not taking his job seriously enough in light of his recent shenanigans.

Mr Neil had previously been given short suspension in 2011 for posting a pirated copy of Four Lions to every terror suspect on a secret MI5 black list.

MI5 boss Andrew Parker said: “I have had it up to here [gestures] with Bob Neil – and his shenanigans.”

“Bob needs to take a long hard look at himself, preferably using a mirror, before deciding whether he really wants to be a super secret agent, or whether he just wants to piss about on the internet,” he later added in a tweet.

The Islamic State’s official spokesperson said he would “try really hard to get a quote from a senior figure within the organisation as soon as possible,” before apologising for any potential delay.