Former England Football Captain Sol Campbell Interview

Footballing icon Sol Campbell will launch a charity initiative to raise money for innocent, unsuspecting victims of Labour’s “cruel” mansion tax, should Ed Miliband’s band of headless ferrets dribble into government come May.

“This tax is cruel and unfair, and ridiculous, and totally cruel,” said Campbell, adding: “This is a matter of principal, pure and simple. It’s about what I believe in, not about the reality of underfunded public services or anything.”

The official ‘Stop the Mansion Tax’ campaign has suggested there are around 30,000 asset rich/cash poor members of the public who, once hit by the this “iniquitous” charge would most likely end up starving.

Mr Ryte Whinger said: “Why shoud I have to pay for the money that I’ve earned through absolutely no fault of my own?”

Asked whether he had any sort of appreciation for irony, Mr Whinger tilted his head to one side to think for a moment before waddling off in a huff.

Bev, from Twitter, wrote: “This is blatent class warfare. Actually I take that back. There is nothing classy about this!” The comment was retweeted twice and favourited seven times by Louise Mensch.

Meanwhile, more rational Mansion Tax critics have suggested the Labour party should instead look to reform out-of-date, dysfunctional council tax bands, or seek to recoup some of the estimated £120bn in uncollected taxes, in order to fund the NHS, instead of looking to make a cynical, largely symbolic political gesture to set themselves apart from their opponents.