Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe accused of “fat shaming” plus-sized policemen

Tpolicemenhe Met Police Commissioner has been criticised for fuelling a stigma against overweight police officers after slamming the fitness test – which only became compulsory in September – for being too lenient.

Plus-sized campaigners have labelled Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe’s comments “irresponsible”, accusing the police chief of alienating a large portion of his workforce.

Barry, 42, a policeman who weighs in at 25st, said: “Well, nobody’s actually chased after a suspect since 1994, except for in the Bill, and we’re starting to see that these fitness tests aren’t really all that relevant any more.”

Statistics show the proportion of the British public classed as ‘overweight or obese’ is on the rise, with many urging the Met Police to reflect this trend in the diversity of its police force.

Barry added: “A police officer’s time these days’s mostly taken up filing highly intrusive requests to hoard Green Party members’ text messages, standing around at protests, and covering things up indiscriminately.”


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