boss's bad jokesA foreign national on £34,500 per year has grown a sudden liking towards his manager’s utterly tasteless sense of humour, it has emerged.

The 32-year-old Korean national, who has lived and worked in the UK for 4 years, is fluent in four languages and teaches the clarinet to underprivileged schoolchildren on Saturdays.

The change of heart, which has come almost overnight, has “absolutely nothing” to do with the threat of being deported under a new immigration rules, according to Mr Karl Yeong.

Mr Yeong said: “At first I don’t think I fully understood his type of humour because as your run-of-the-mill foreigner my English wasn’t so good. But now I can’t get enough of his non-stop one-liners about office equipment, and his vaguely sexist remarks about Jane in HR.”

“I’m sure with time we’ll become very close. Ideally by April 2016 – but there’s no rush.”